Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy 2009!

Here's to everyone having a bigger, brighter and happier 2009! I've decided that I'm doing away with making New Year's Resolutions... Instead I'm going to have things (goals, thoughts, inklings and inspirations, whatever) that I'm going to do more of. Not a change of who I am or what I do, but minor improvements. But we'll see what happens. My goals for this new year are as follows:

1) Get rid of the darn-blasted IV machine!

2) Keep in touch more (blog, email, snail-mail, phone calls)

3) Start and FINISH a big knitting project. (I WILL figure out that blanket!)

4) Read more

5) Exercise... well right now this means get to a point to where I CAN exercise!

6) Have a happy, healthy, perfect baby (Baby's arrival is tentatively scheduled for 06/02/09)

That's it. That's all. I'm sure I'll add to that list as I think of things.

Now, since I'm a terrible, forgetful blogger it's time for an update. Since I quit blogging I have slacked off in my Group Power classes... not all to being lazy, but due to medical complications. No worries, I'm just pregnant and having a hard time. But other than the IV I'm all but fine now. I'm 19 weeks along and going for the BIG ultrasound next monday. We're hoping that the baby cooperates so that we know who's going to be arriving in June. So far, most people think it's a girl, but we shall see. Either way, girl or boy, I just want a happy and healthy baby.

I'm super excited today. Dave's Eagles beat the Giants, so he's on cloud 9. Since today is a good day, I felt up to climbing the hill to the mail box, and suprise!!! Miss Erin sent me a box! I finally have my Erin-made socks! (Which I have been wearing since I ripped the package open.) The package also had all kinds of goodies to help take care of my pregnant lady feet, or so I'm told. Thank you, thank you, thank you Miss Erin! I love my box!

Anyway, time to post this and show off my new socks. Will do my best to keep up with my goals (especially blogging more). I should fix my goal list to say that I'm going to encourage Erin to blog more often too... since she made me a blogger :)

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Erin said...

Yay Kari! I'm glad to see that the socks fit! Sorry it took so long to send them to you. And I'm happy that you're posting again. I'm going to try to post more often too.

How is Dave? How is the baby? Do you know boy or girl yet? Are you going to find out?

Happy New Year! Here's to an awesome 2009!