Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The NEW Group Power

Tuesday's Group Power, wow, what a workout. I still think I'm dying. Ok not really, but I can definitely feel my muscles in my legs... OW! We had all new music and new routines... and they are, in my opinion, a lot more of a workout. Maybe I was just too used to the other way. Oh well, I'm hoping I'll be able to kick butt on Thursday night and that my legs won't be so sore on Friday. We'll just have to wait and see on that.
This week, I've been working on getting things ready for the boat races. BBQ time, and hopefully get some sun on my legs! That is my goal for this weekend. Just watch, I'll be a lobster Monday morning. I've been running around the grass, moving sprinklers, I swear it's an endless job. Has anyone ever heard of underground sprinklers?! Someone needs to clue my landlords in on that invention. But, looking on the positive side, it gives me something to do, and keeps me moving. Anyhoo, time to go shut the sprinklers off.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yea!! Group Power was back to normal today! Liz was back, and man, I got a workout! I don't know why, but my workout today seemed to take more out of me (and I still feel good though) than either of last week's workout's with Daya. I guess that just means Liz can't be gone anymore. :) Thursday will be our last day with our same workouts and music tracks. I'm excited to see what new music we'll have next week. Hopefully it's all good music. I also hope that the workout isn't too hard (i'm sure it'll take a while to get used to).
In other news... the scale is frustrating me a little. Not in a bad way I guess though. I'm maintaining my weight, but I'm definitely seeing the results on my body. I have a lot more definition in my arms, calves and thighs, my abs are even looking better (woo hoo!). I guess I need to be thankful for those things... I just wish the number on the scale would go down, just an itty bitty little bit.
Time for me to get back to folding laundry. Gosh I hate folding laundry. :) Until Thursday.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


So it's Thursday, and Dave and I went to our normal Group Power class, and Daya was our sub-instructor. I miss Liz!! Big time! Not only did I push myself to get all the reps done on all the "new" tracks that Daya does, but I even bumped up my weights on the warm-up and both leg tracks. Woo hoo... I made it... until the Dips. She had to make me do the dips. Ok, so honestly, today I made it through all but 1, that's right, O-N-E of the dips. It was right in the middle, and I needed just a minute... but I made it.
As far as yesterday, yes I knew my bum would be sore from Group Ride. I knew this BEFORE I did the class, but, I was sorely unconscious as to how bad it'd hurt. I am sooooo sore! Not only that, I had some troubles with getting started in today's class.... I really needed that warm-up.
Guess what?! I'm gonna hurt tomorrow too! Oh well, I can grin and bare it. I'm just glad that Liz will be back with us on Tuesday. That's definitely something to look forward too. :)
Group Kick.... well, I haven't made it there yet. All of the available classes are during the time I'm at work. That is, unless I want to rush home from work on Tuesdays and Thursdays and go back to back Group Kick and Group Power (I don't think so!). My only other Group Kick option is to go on Saturday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30. Now, I'm all for Saturday mornings, and 10:30 is a great time.... BUT, and this is a big BUT, the Saturday instructor for Group Kick is Kelly.... Erin, you remember Kelly? The whole "air guitar" with the weight bar?! Yeah, that Kelly. I don't know if I can handle that. Good news is though, if she's busy teaching Group Kick, that means she can't be teaching the 9-10am Group Power (the instructors rotate for saturdays). Anyway, that's the update, we'll see how it goes and how adventurous I may or may not get.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Sunset, 4th of July BBQ
Ok, so I'm a bad blogger. Maybe not bad, but just super busy and a little bit lazy in what little free time I've had over the last week.... To back track so that I can catch up on all the news.

Tuesday, July 1st, Dave and I went to Group Power. I had a great workout and felt great with my new weights. I've finally gotten to where my weight increases and my body aren't warring with each other. Now, don't get me wrong, it in no way is an easy workout. I just am going home feeling amazing. I know that I'm getting a great workout, and in the mornings my muscles are a tad bit tender but I have full range of motion and am not achy. After a quick change and dropping Dave at home, I went to Mom and Dad's to help get a room ready for Grandma Hazel's visit from New Mexico. I moved a bunch of furniture and cleaned the bathroom. Man, I was sweating almost as much as when I'm finished with Group Power! Talk about a double workout!

Wednesday night I went to Grandma's house to sew Erin's orange striped pajamas while Dave was at Men's Tennis. Since I dropped him off at the Court Club, after I finished sewing, I went to watch him finish out his doubles match. Since I did clean-up at Mom's on Tuesday, Wednesday meant clean-up at home....

Thursday night (07/03) is usually Group Power night, but with preparations for our BBQ bash on the 4th, and Grandma Hazel's arrival, and shopping, and cleaning.... We didn't make it to Group Power. Not to worry, I still got plenty of workout done... Watering the lawn, taking out trash, cleaning the kitchen, living room, and moving patio furniture. Plus grocery shopping, and visiting with Grandma. Busy, busy, busy...
Friday (07/04) Happy 4th of July! Dave and I spent Friday finishing up the cleaning and getting everything set up for the BBQ. We went to luch with Dave's dad, and went shopping for last minute necessities, you know, new flip-flops, bug spray and a hamburger patty shaper... Man that thing is slick! I made over 20 hamburger patties in no time flat!! I also bought a new pair of jeans... a smaller size than normal, and I feel great in them! (I also think I look pretty great in them too.)
Now onto this week...
Tuesday (07/08) was a new breed of torture. That's right, you read it... TORTURE! I tell ya, it was brutal! Liz, the regular instructor for Group Power is on vacation, she'll be gone on Thursday too... Daya filled in for Liz, and with it she brought on the pain!! Oh My Gosh!! We did all new tracks and with that all new routines. They kicked my butt big time!! I was fine on my weights for the legs and warm-up, but it was as if I had way too much weight for my arms and shoulders. I actually had to stop in the middle of the biceps track to take off some of the weight. I am feelin' it alllll over today. How can I be sure that Daya wanted to kill me??? She had us doing dips. That's right, DIPS! I HATE DIPS! (With a passion I might add) I don't feel anything like I did the first two times with Erin at Group Power, but I tell you what, I definitely am aware of all the muscles in my body. Ouch!
Today, I went for something new. Yes, me, I tried something new, by myself I might add! Since it's Wednesday, Dave went to Men's Tennis at 6pm. Since I don't have the right "equipment" to be playing tennis with the boys, I went to Group Ride. I went a few minutes early and the instructor, Tina, helped me set up my bike. A few of the regulars at Group Power were there, so it was nice to see a few friendly faces. Group Ride was intense! I couldn't even make it with all the ups and downs and tension changes. My body was screaming at me after only 15 minutes!! I was dripping in sweat, and I AM SO SORE!!! I had a lot of trouble doing the hills, or standing up while riding. With my bad knee, I felt really off balance. So, while my body was screaming after 15 minutes, I continued with the class, and just kept my booty in the seat and did the tension and speed changes. Next time I attempt this class, I hope to be able to do more of the ups and downs and go the distance. Either way you look at it, I got a great workout!
Until tomorrow.... We'll see if Daya succeeds in her attempt to kill me.