Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The NEW Group Power

Tuesday's Group Power, wow, what a workout. I still think I'm dying. Ok not really, but I can definitely feel my muscles in my legs... OW! We had all new music and new routines... and they are, in my opinion, a lot more of a workout. Maybe I was just too used to the other way. Oh well, I'm hoping I'll be able to kick butt on Thursday night and that my legs won't be so sore on Friday. We'll just have to wait and see on that.
This week, I've been working on getting things ready for the boat races. BBQ time, and hopefully get some sun on my legs! That is my goal for this weekend. Just watch, I'll be a lobster Monday morning. I've been running around the grass, moving sprinklers, I swear it's an endless job. Has anyone ever heard of underground sprinklers?! Someone needs to clue my landlords in on that invention. But, looking on the positive side, it gives me something to do, and keeps me moving. Anyhoo, time to go shut the sprinklers off.

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