Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, today was a great day. Other than waiting FOREVER at the doctor's office, a lot got accomplished. The ultrasound went great, the baby is healthy and doing fine. The doctor made my day when after much discussion and pleading (complaining and whining too) he removed my IV line!! YEA!! So, I'm no longer stuck, tied down to the blasted IV machine!!! Granted the removal was uncomfortable, and my arm hurts, I'm still very much a happy camper. Oh, and last but not least about the doctor's visit... It's a girl :)

As far as my goals for 2009 go, I'm doing pretty good. Got rid of the IV, going into work tomorrow, baby's healthy, I'm blogging, and over the last week I've been working on my knitting project (a baby blanket). I just have to keep it up.

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