Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year! The 2010 Edition

I guess last year's resolution to blog more, kinda went out the window. But now that Delaney is here I have more reason to keep things updated. We had an awesome Thanksgiving, a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year's (Laney stayed up WAY too late, she didn't get to sleep until after 11:30pm!). We got to spend Christmas Eve, Christmas and the day after with Miss Bethany. Boy do the girls LOVE to play with each other! It's amazing to see Bethany so excited each time she visits and her amazement with all of her baby sister's new skills.
Dave and I got to see my WSU Cougs play basketball in person. We watched both the men's and women's teams. It was fun to see the guys I watch on TV live and in person... Boy they are MUCH bigger in real life. The TV just doesn't do them justice. We watched the games here at the Toyota Center, and I took along my knitting for half-time and between games. This one's for Erin, because while at the games and knitting I learned that knitting IS in fact exercise!! See, I ended up dropping my yarn, and it rolled under the seat below mine. Those seats are WAY too close together. I spent a good portion of the second game TRYING to get the yarn back.... I ended up having to sit down on the floor (eww) and ever so carefully pull the yarn and then I was able to stab it with the knitting needle and get it back. I was all stretched and contorted in order to achieve this feat! It was indeed a workout. There you have it Miss Erin!! By the way, both the Men's and Women's teams kicked some b-ball butt and WON! WOooo HOooo!!
Miss Delaney Ray is now 7 months old... Where oh where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that I was big and fat and swollen up pregnant, thinking she'd NEVER get here. She's getting her second tooth... Teething totally bites! Every day brings us new adventures and accomplishments. We're still working on crawling, so far she's able to scoot, roll, and crawl BACKWARDS. She sits up so well and says Mommom mom and mama... No Dada yet (I think Dave's bummed by this). But I feel super special. She has such a personality too! Laney definitely is my little ray of sunshine and keeps me laughing. I've been trying my hand at making videos and posting them on youtube.
I've been working again semi-part time. Whenever weather allows and I have a sitter for Laney. Mostly she stays with my WONDERFUL baby sister, who is the BEST sister in the world. I love my sisser very very much! Laney loves her Auntie too!! I've also been knitting lots and going to MOPS. Having lots of fun. Ok, that's about it for now. Time to fold the never ending laundry.


Lori Jenelle said...

Laney rocks!! Luke still says Mommommommom...and dadadadadadaaa...

Dada usually comes after MOmmom. So it will happen. Tell Dave to have patience.

Erin said...

Haha! The yarn story had me rolling on the floor! Love it. So glad to see you posting again. Now I really have to get back to posting too.