Saturday, January 30, 2010

Knit, Knit.... Start over....

So, I've known I'm some what of a perfectionist for a long long LONG time now. I have proof now that I seriously must have some OCD issues. I've started a knitting project that I think may be doable, but it's a far stretch from being easy for me. In the past 3 days I've started and restarted this project at least 2 times each day. Last night I decided that was it, it was the last time I was restarting, boo boos and mistakes, oh well, i'd live with them. HA! This morning I started looking at it and ripped it out again. UGH!
January is almost to its end. Bring on February... I'm excited to see what February will bring. I know it will bring me another year older, but I can handle that... I can pretend I'm not turning 28, right? ;) Delaney is still teething, and it's a horrible thing. I feel so bad for her, well, except for when she bites me! Darn monster has SHARP teeth!!! Last night was the first night in quite a while that she slept through the night. I, however did not. I was so worried because she WASN'T waking up that I had to keep checking on her!! She slept from 9:30pm until 12am (cried a bit and went back to sleep) and then slept until 11:30am.... when I woke her up. I got up and checked her 5 times between 5am and 11am. At least she got a good night's sleep.
January also brought me to bringing my sewing machine home, getting it set up and sewing at home. I'm excited to have it here.... only problem is I have SO many projects I want to do and fabric is starting to pile up. We seriously need a house so I can have a sewing room!!

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Lori Jenelle said...

Shoot, sounds like she was catching up on some z's. If she doesn't wake-up from sleepin', don't stress. But waking her up at 11am to at least feed & change her...then yeah, that was a good idea. Just keep in minde, it's only bad if she's not wetting any diapers or refuses to eat all together!