Thursday, March 12, 2009

Frigid Weather, Fighting Colds and Loads of Laundry

Well, I've kinda fallen behind in my blogging... But I've kept up with most everything else. I've been taking some pictures of our FRIGID freezing cold weather. Reading more and trying to stay on top of the household chores.

The weather has been crazy. It'll rain and pour then the sun will shine. It'll blow and blow and then hail or snow, and then the sun will shine. All the while the temperature stays WAY TOO LOW!!! I want warmer weather. I'm sick of the thermometer in my car constantly beeping at me, telling me it's 37 degrees and the warning of possible icy roads. I want temperatures a tad higher than 'freeze my butt off!' I'd settle for 60's. I just want it warmer!
It seems like the weather is keeping lots of people sick. This week I've been trying to fight off a cold. I feel down right slimy! I just want to sleep, but can't. I have a bit of a cough and a tingle in my throat and oh! the sneezing! Not to worry, I'm doing my best to take it easy, drinking lots of hot lemon and honey and resting. If all else fails, I'll have the doctor check me out at my monthly scheduled appointment (Monday morning).
Tuesday night I was invited to play Bunco with my Grandma and her friends at Curves. I've only played bunco one other time and it's fun, so I was excited. I didn't win, neither did Grandma, but we had fun. I met a lot of crazy ladies and it was an all around good time.
Other than that I've just been attempting to keep up with all the laundry that seems to be needing to be done. Oh, and last Saturday was my busiest day yet. We went and watched "The Watchmen" (my gosh! what a long movie!) It was an ok movie, not bad. BUT! It was over two and a half hours! Do you know how difficult it is for a pregnant woman to sit that long without a potty break?! I did it though, barely! Haha. After the movie, Dave and I met up with my parents and Angie and Kenny at the TRAC in Pasco for the Rough Stock Extreme Bull Riding competition. That was fun, other than the fact that everyone kept walking back and forth infront of me, making me stand up practically every five minutes. I was irritated to say the least. But we managed to have fun. It was just super hard staying awake that long. I was SOOO tired! (I'm yawning as I typed that!)
That's about it for now... hopefully I'll do better at this blogging thing.

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