Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So Happy!!

So happy the weatherman was WRONG! He said we were supposed to have snow yesterday and today, and ta-da!!! No snow yet! YEA!!! The only downside is that it's FREEZING outside.
I swear I'm getting bigger by the day. I've really started to notice the difficulties of getting up and down. I know, I know, it's not going to get any better.... just going to keep getting harder. I'll manage I'm sure.
Getting really excited for next week. Not excited about the getting older bit... But being 27 isn't much different from being 26. The exciting part is our mini-vacation to Portland. I get to visit Miss Erin and Miss Alexis while Dave is in classes for his Union. I'll be sure to post an update with pictures after we get home. Yea!
Nothing much else is going on. Just work work work and trying to keep things in order here at home. Spent much of the weekend organizing, cleaning and doing laundry (YUCK!). Household chores are never-ending. Well, time for my television program then off to bed.

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